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the ultimate italian dining experience  
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At Bella Blu we pride ourselves on offer only the highest quality food and drink. Our Chefs are constantly updating our menu's to offer you the finest possible cuisine.

Our Chef's are also happy to offer a range of Gluten free pasta and other dishes, with a variety of sauces.

Below you will find a selection of our current menus to view, and don't forget to ask about our daily specials!

If you are looking for that special gift, why not give someone special a meal to remember with a gift voucher from Bella Blu

Moda Starters
DAILY SOUP - £4.95
Freshly made seasonal soup, made to the chefs own recipe

Funghi con aglio (V) - £5.95
Button mushrooms cooked in cream, white wine and garlic.

Formaggi fritti (V) - £5.95
Deep fried crumbed brie served with cranberry sauce, pesto and salad garnish.

Bruschetta (V) - £5.95
Slow roast cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and caramelised
red onions served on toasted ciabatta bread with pesto.

Large Icelandic prawns served on a bed of baby gem lettuce,
topped with Marie Rose sauce and chopped tomatoes.

Costolette di maiale - £6.95
Spare ribs in home made barbecue sauce with salad garnish.

Calamari fritti - £6.95
Deep fried battered squid served with fresh lemon, salad garnish and a choice of garlic mayo or sweet chilli sauce.
with Marie Rose sauce on a bed of rocket salad.

Salmone affumicato - £7.95
Smoked Salmon filled with soft cheese and large Icelandic prawns served
with Marie Rose sauce on a bed of rocket salad.

Spaghetti polpette - £7.45
Spaghetti pasta cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with home made Italian meatballs and herbs.

Funghi al pecorino (V) - £7.95
Sauteed mushrooms with garlic, spinach, goats cheese and pine nuts,
served on toasted ciabatta bread with pesto.

Antipasto Italiano - £8.45
A selection of Italian cold meats with sunblush tomatoes, chutney and crostini.

Trio speciale - £8.45
Chefs favourite trio: Home made fish cake with panko bread crumbs, Prawns in Marie rose sauce
and white crab meat in dill mayonnaise garnished with a touch of chilli oil, pesto and salad.

Cozze con crema - £7.95
Large New Zealand green shell mussels cooked in a creamy white wine
sauce with garlic and served with fresh bread.

Moda Starters
Risotto Lombardo - £12.95
Arborio rice cooked with chicken, pepperoni, cherry tomato,
fresh chilli, onions, peppers and peas with crispy parmesan.

Arborio rice cooked with mushrooms, white wine and garlic with melted
Gorgonzola cheese, fresh rocket salad and parmesan shavings.

Risotto fruitti di mare - £13.95
Arborio rice cooked with mixed seafood and red wine,
cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, chilli, tomato and a touch of cream.

Moda Starters
bread & OIL with balsamic vinegar (V) - £2.75

GARLIC BREAD (V) - £3.95

GARLIC BREAD with cheese and tomato (V) - £4.75

GARLIC BREAD with cheese, tomato & chillies (V) - £4.95


Moda Starters
Spaghetti with classic homemade Bolognese sauce.

Penne Carbonara - £12.95
Penne pasta with smoked bacon and mushrooms cooked in a
cream and white wine sauce.

Layers of pasta, mince beef and tomato topped with
mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven

Penne salmone - £12.95
Penne pasta cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with cubes of
succulent salmon fillet with fresh parsley and a touch of fennel seed.

Penne pasta with pepperoni, red onions, peppers, fresh chilli and
tomato based sauce.

Farfalle Primavera (V) - £11.95
Pasta bows with peppers, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, onions
and mushrooms in tomato and pesto sauce.

Tagliatelle Pollo - £12.95
Ribbons of pasta with chicken, mushrooms, cream, tomato, white wine and garlic.

Ravioli aragosta - £13.95
Delicate lobster filled pasta parcels cooked in creamy white wine sauce
with sliced mushrooms.

Tagliatelle marinara - £13.95
Ribbons of pasta with mixed seafood cooked with red wine, garlic, chilli,
tomato and cream.

Spaghetti con gamberoni - £13.95
Spaghetti pasta with prawns and smoked salmon in cream, white wine and
garlic with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, chilli and chopped fresh rocket.

Farfalle della casa - £13.95
Pasta bows with diced chicken, pepperoni, bolognese sauce, chillies,
mushrooms, cream, olives and fresh parsley.

*Gluten free available with all above sauces

Moda Starters
All our pizzas are made using fresh home made dough, served on a thin
base with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

MARGHERITA (v) - £9.95
Mozzarella, tomato and Italian herbs.

Prosciutto Funghi - £11.45
Ham and mushroom.

TROPICANA - £11.95
Ham, mushrooms and pineapple.

Folded pizza filled with mushrooms, onions, peppers, courgette,
asparagus, peas and cherry tomato topped with seasoned
tomato sauce and mozzarella.

PICCANTI (V) - £11.95
Pepperoni, salami, red onions, peppers and fresh chillis.

VEGETALI (V) - £11.95
Mushrooms, red onions, mixed peppers, grilled courgette and cherry tomatoes.

DELLA CASA - £12.95
Minced beef, ham, pepperoni, chicken and salami.

Rustica - £12.95
BBQ chicken, smoked cheese, sun blushed tomatoes, red onion
and chopped fresh rocket.

CALZONE - £12.95
Folded pizza filled with ham, pepperoni and mushrooms,
topped with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella.

MARINARA - £12.95
Selection of mixed seafood.

Delpastore - £12.95
Chicken, goat’s cheese, spinach, jalapeños and sun blush tomatoes.

Moda Starters
All served with mixed seasonal vegetables
(excluding Pollo Milanese).

Chicken breast cooked in a creamy white wine sauce
with onions, mushrooms and garlic.

Grilled fillets of chicken served on mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes,
spring onions, balsamic reduction and rosemary.

Pollo cacciatora - £14.95
Chicken breast cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic, onions,
peppers, sunblush tomatoes, red wine and fresh chillies.

Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese wrapped with smoked ham
and served with a garlic, tomato and red wine sauce.

Chicken breast cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce with tarragon
and finished with mild Dijon mustard and brandy.

Pollo pecorino - £14.95
Chicken breast cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with slow roast
portobello mushroom filled with spinach, goats cheese and pine nuts.

Pollo asparagi - £14.95
Chicken breast cooked in a creamy sauce with Italian blue
cheese, asparagus and sun blush tomatoes.

Pollo Milanese - £15.95
Herb crusted chicken breast topped with Parma ham and melted mozzarella,
served with spaghetti in pomodoro sauce.

Moda Starters

All our steaks are 10oz best cut of fillet and aged for a minimum of 28 days,
served with mixed seasonal vegetables.

  Fillet steak £24.95  
  Choose your sauce £2.00  
  Tomato, red wine, onions, peppers, sunblush tomatoes and fresh chilli.  
  Cream, mushrooms, onions, white wine, French mustard and brandy.  
  Green peppercorns, brandy, demi glace and cream.  
  Italian blue cheese, cream, onions, mushrooms and white wine.  

Moda Starters
Salmone sambuca - £16.95
Fresh salmon fillet and prawns cooked in a creamy sambuca sauce with a touch of tomato,
served with parmesan mash and fresh rocket.

Branzino - £17.95
Pan fried sea bass fillets served on a bed of mixed salad topped with
spring onion, fresh ginger, cherry tomato and garlic sauce.

Super gamberoni speciale - £24.95
Giant king prawns de-shelled (head & tail on) cooked in cream, garlic and white wine
sauce with mushrooms and a touch of tomato, served with mixed vegetables.

Moda Starters

FRIES - £3.95

Mixed Vegetables - £3.95

Marinated mixed olives - £3.95

Crispy chunky chips - £3.95

Creamy Parmesan mash - £3.95

Parmesan & Rocket salad - £4.95

Mozzarella, vine tomatoes and basil - £4.95

Mixed side salad - £4.95

Moda Wine List
  175ml 250ml bottle
Sollazzo, Bianco D'ITALIA
A soft, fruity, dry white wine with a hint of spiciness and an aroma of dried fruit and almonds.
£3.90 £4.95 £14.95
Wild Garden, Chenin Blanc
South Africa
Fresh and aromatic with a crisp medium-dry body and long fruity finish.
Pinot Grigio
Easy drinking and fresh with good balance and clean crisp notes.
£4.90 £6.50 £17.95
Bonacchi, Vernaccia di San Gimignano
A delicate wine with delightful lemony fruit, citrus and floral aromas.
Bishops Leap, Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand
Classic notes on stone and tropical fruit. Hints of passionfruit and kiwi with crisp minerality and a lingering finish.
£5.70 £7.50 £20.95
Frescobaldi, Albizzia Chardonnay
Floral aromas with a fruity scent of golden apples and melon, zesty on the finish.
Michele Chiarlo, Gavi 'Palas'
Floral and fruity, with notes of exotic fruits and white peach & finishing on a lemon peel finish.
Saint Clair, Pioneer Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand
Complex fruit flavours, gooseberry, passion fruit and some crushed herb. A very long finish.
Prosécco DOC
A fresh, fragrant and fruity Prosecco with aromas of pear and apple.


Sacchetto, Pinot Grigio Blush Spumante Brut Fili
Delightful pale coloured sparkling rosé, easy drinking showing strawberry fruit with a flavoursome finish.
House Champagne
Perfect for special occasions and family events.
Moët Et Chandon, Brut Imperial
Fine and well-balanced with a mellow flavour.
Champagne Laurent Perrier, Cuvée Rosé
Delicate and complex, a basket of red fruits.
Dom Perignon
A full flavoured, fine and precise Champagne with notes of toast, soft peach, a hint of liquorice and an opulent palate with a refined, silky finish.
Champagne Louis Roederer,Cristal
A rich, deep golden Champagne, wonderful
scents of citrus intermingled with notes of fig
and toasted hazelnuts. An exquisite
mouthfeel that is lively but precise,
with a creamy, seductive finish..


  175ml 250ml bottle
Sollazzo, Rosso d'Italia
A fruit laden, round and easy drinking red wine redolent of summer fruits.
£3.90 £4.95 £14.95
Boundary Line, Shiraz
Aromas of gentle spice and white pepper, medium bodied with fresh berry fruit flavours.
El Camino, Malbec
A wine full of the flavour of spice and fresh berries against a smoky background.
£4.90 £6.50 £17.95
Bove, 'Feudi d'Albe' Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
A soft but full-flavoured wine packed with gorgeous forest fruit flavours and notes of liquorice.
Sacchetto, Merlot Di Venezie
Dry but fruity medium bodied and refreshing red with a hint of green plums and spice on the finish.
Swartland Winery, Founders Pinotage
South Africa
This soft, easy drinking wine with its fresh black and red berries, has hints vanilla and cloves on the nose.
Berton Vineyard, Foundstone Cabernet Sauvignon
A medium bodied and vivacious wine with ripe, brambly fruit and a fresh finish.
Blackberries and bitter cherry flavours with a dry and balanced finish.
Cantina Zaccagnini, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
A velvety and smooth red with aromas of cherry and good structure on the palate. The one with the twig on the bottle!
Savoury with leather and earthy notes, traditionally styled Barolo.
A dense, warm, full-flavoured Brunello with leather and herbal notes combined with violets and toasted coffee.
  175ml 250ml bottle
Sollazzo, Rosato d'Italia
Inviting salmon pink colour with fresh strawberry fruit and a dry and crisp finish.
£3.90 £4.95 £14.95
Sacchetto, Pinot Grigio Blush Di Venezie
Pale pink in colour, this is a fresh and fruity off-dry rose with a soft finish.
Sunset Point, Zinfandel Blush
A medium style rose showing red berry and pink grapefruit aromas complemented by a fruity and smooth flavour.
£4.90 £6.50 £17.95



Children’s size meals are available on pizza and pasta at half price.  Gluten free available.  Meals marked (V) are suitable for vegetarians. Service charge not included left to customers discretion.   Due to the presence of nuts in our restaurant there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any of our items.  All price include VAT.


Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for that special gift, why not give someone special a meal to remember with a gift voucher from Bella Blu

Moda Gift Voucher Please click here to enquire about our gift vouchers

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T: 01246 828230
F: 01246 291725

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Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm to 10.00pm
Sunday 12.00pm to 10.00pm



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